oDw 2 cairo^^

salam alayk~

time tgh tulis ny ade kt BiA,bahrain international airport, agk cantik kt cni,mmg cantik pn,haha, niway, alhamdulillah setakat ny x de ap2 halangan, insyaAllah doaknla ok jek spnjng journey ny n dpt bljr dgn baik n tenang hingga habis pengajian^^

kepada abah,ibu,ita,aiyshah,ali,ct,sedare2 n kwn2 yg laen, tq sgt2 coz bg amin semangat utk teruskan journey ny, rindu sangat kt anda semua,nk nangis ny tp kne tahan, amin kn kuat n tough,huhu,

ttbe teringat time ibu suapkan sikit mknn kt Klia td~-_-huhu,

jge la diri elok2,semua n so on,insyaAllah dh smpai nnti amin bgtaw, doakn amin ye, brjye dunia akhirat,

k,nnti amin update lg ye,tc sume,sayang sume~huhu,

raya part 1^^

alhamdulillah,bersykur sgt dpt selesai rye kt kpg.^^ ad byk kenangan yg x bley lpe n ad yg smpt dicoretkn melalui vid cam n cam itself, so nylah hasilnye~

semua ny family sblh mak,sblh ayh akn menyusul ye~sabar2~~
byk lg nnti~hehe

lpe!! tema fmly krang hijau!!hehe, ade org tu biru~fav tu^^ taun dpn wrna merah-merah, tp x taw nk ckp mcmne,dicadangkan oleh nenek sy,coz die dh wt kain bju rye utk sy,haha, advance btol~~

adik k3 ali usin(hijau) bersama big boss yg nk amik pmr taun ny,haha,all d best!!^^
bersama adik yg k2,ct~
asal mcm tegang jek situasi tu,haha~
adik beradik sblh mak~dari kiri,mak ngah,mak sy,atok(nenek) sy n cu sy~
tensi yg hilang,hahaha~
ny my sepupu sblh mak,ade 2 org xde~munirah yg kecik comel tu n keri yg pergi 'jordan' haha~
lg skali^^
ny family mak ngah~keri yg pergi 'jordan' tu x de~taun lps yg pegi 'jordan' yg kiri skali tu,even sy pn mmg xde taun lps,hehe~
ny family sy~sume dh beso2~byk tnggjwb ny~
ny fmly pak cu sy~ sume ade~yg kecik comel tu pn ade^^


first of all~SELAMAT HARI RAYA^^-meh dtg rmh!(tp ak xde le~)

the nature of human mind is NOT reading.
its understanding.
forget about the title,
i do not like reading nor writing,haha

if you like,please read~
the one who understand himself does not have to pull his trigger by doing other things,despite to confine himself in a closed mind.
this writing is dedicated to all my friends and others,to share that we have our mission which not yet accomplished but actually had been told to us a long time ago and yet we MUST accomplish them,

please DO this;

'everyone of you is a guider,and each of you will be asked for what you have been guided'-hadis sahih

arkanul bai'ah(rukun baia'h)(utk pemimpin N berbalik kpd hadith di atas)--

  1. faham
  2. ikhlas
  3. amal
  4. jihad
  5. tadhihiyyah(berkorban)
  6. taat
  7. thabat(tetap pendirian)
  8. tajarrud(jati diri)
  9. ukhuwwah(persaudaraan)
  10. thiqah(kepercayaan)

these things had already told by our big brother in Islam-Hassan Al-Banna,

HE is the one who once had transform the DISCO or PUB into a MOSQUE in 1 night! who are we??
do we the one change 'the mosque into the PUB'??which vice versa??

YES!! we CHANGE it!!

  1. we dont take any action to ourselve to be a better person,
  2. to be the one who do deeds,
  3. to be the one who bring along our friends to the right path,
  4. to do things just for Allah.

we transform the mosque into the pub,ask ourselve what we had done before~
we did it~

"ya Allah,ampunkan dosa kami,kedua ibubapa kami,keluarga kami,rakan2 kami dan orang islam amnya,
kami sayang diri kami dan mereka ya Allah,
sesungguhnya kami tidak tahu apa yang terbaik untuk kami,bimbinglah kami,
tidak tahu masa hadapan kami,permudahkan kami,
kami tidak tahu akan dosa kami,ampunilah kami,
kami tidak tahu nasib kami di sana,kami mohon syurga milik kami,

redhalah kehidupan kami di dunia dan sejahtera di akhirat"

jumaah preach n TEMPLE~

for the listener;

  1. zzZzZzz~~(man without head(with head pointed on the lap)when see from the back)
  2. sudden shock!(sleepy but then suddenly shock and 'melatah')
  3. fluid flowing from the mouth(yuks!)
  4. mind doesn't focus on the preach(mengelamun~)
  5. brothers at the back do not pray(even there are also elders,what a shame)
for the preacher & muazzin;

  1. the azan is just tooooo 'high'~alaa~~syahdunye~(the spirit to listen just disappear!)
  2. monotone(standard~)
  3. do not know well how to attract people to listen

actually what is the function this preach?

to remind each other,to gain new knowledge..
but how many time we go to jumaat prayer,get something useful and practice it in our life??

can't we bring along note book or mp3 player to record or at least focus??
then tell our family of what we heard of??


if this things just continue and people do nothing bout it, for sure it will bring a bad thing to Islam and its people itself,

because, non-muslim know that with this gathering,muslim can remind each others,how to strengthen the people, unite again and plan new strategy,
but muslim themselve do not likely to follow the goods and benefits of this preach,

while non-muslim strengthen themselve by just knowing that muslim can do something with this preach,
muslim itself weaken themselve by take for granted of what the advantages behind this preach,what a shame~
(we can see it here in Malaysia)

then,also,while 'others' can unite with their community(persatuan2),muslim people here in malaysia still ignore to CHOOSE the mosque,if this is from ******** party, better pray at the other mosque,still a big shame~

once again i just want to say that,
*giving others opportunities is not a big deal(their right),build the temple and so on,Islam really open with this,as long as they concern about others,no distraction and so on..
some people angry with the placement of the temple,BUT how many muslim(they) do pray to the mosque in 5 times prayers?? and now still did not understand why they angry for, GO to the mosque,then you can talk about others,

let say,if 'others' want to demolished mosque that EMPTY?? they said that it is a waste coz no people come,its better use to make a shop lot,THEN?? still want to protest that the placement is wrong??
if the time come~

*even in the not much civilized country like egypt,they MUST be at least a mosque just near the church,hurmm~

sorry for the unsuitable points in different title,huhu

so wut???

nothing to do with the title,just read please^^

from those around, i hear a cry,
A mouthful sob,a hopeless sight,
a hear their footsteps,leaving slow,
and then i know,must soul must fly,

a chilly wind,begins to blow,
within my soul,from head to toe,
and then last breath,escapes my lips,
its time to leave and i must go,

so its true but its too late,
they said each soul has it given date,
when it must leave its body's core,
and meet with eternal fate,

oh God,oh God,i cannot see,
my eyes are blind,am i still me?
or has my soul been led astray,
and forced to pay a priceless fee,

at last to dust,we all return,
some shall rejoice while others burn,
if only i,knew that before,
the line grew short and came my turn,

and now as beneath the sod,
they lay me when my record flawed,
they cry not knowing i cry worse,
for they go home,i face my GOD!

oh,mark the word that i do say,
who knows tomorrow could be your day,
at last it comes to heaven or hell,
decide which now do not delay,

come on my brothers let us pray,
decide which now DO NOT DELAY~

*every year we took them for granted,ramadhan comes and go without any of us benefit it,so,in this ramadhan,please do what we have to do,do deeds as much as we can,pray that LAILATUL QADAR be with us,amin~and who know TOMORROW could be our DAY(-_-)

my life(pt 1)-when it comes to end

3 months full of joy, with all around make world seems like mine,
just cant deny how much i love my parent,siblings n her,but the denial make things worse,
cannot say it by mouth is such an ego for a boy who just live alive for only 19 years,
despite of people who had already lived 3 times a life time to me.

so and so,
my life just struck by something that can change me forever,
the definition of wisdom which undefined by others except me,
feelings that i really want to bring it till after life,
to the end of the time where something couldn't resist.

it said that,
i have my right to choose,
to choose, is my life, not others,
forget about others,
me myself knows better than the others.

this world does not yet hear my voice,
hear that i know her well,
this world does not yet face it,
to show myself with my full heart.

once i said this will be my last,
who knows tomorrow really my last,
before it comes to its end,
i hope that this will be the first to be read by her.

oh Allah,forgives me if my path is wrong,
show me the right one or else i am lost,
no way that You are not my God,
because once i believe, totally i believe.

i love them damn much,huhu.

*dedicated to my parent,siblings,her,friends and others

*the title=i like it=i mean it

this post is dedicated to our leaders in what ever level or course INCLUDING we ourselve (which mean ALL)to ALL~~

"setiap daripada kamu ialah pemimpin, dan setiap daripada kamu akan ditanya akan apa yg kamu pimpin"

"each of ye is a guider(leader), and each of ye also will be asked of what you have been guided"

A bilal(muazzin,people who calling for prayer in Islam) is a status where in the time of our prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H, was a status which really people at that time wanted to be,
An Imam(the one who lead the prayer) is a status which people at that time really don't wanted to be.(they really uphold this hadis)

sometimes to be a stepping stone/back stage(things or person who cause something happen) to others are likely more reliable compared to the one who really show they themselve but do nothing towards it,*think +vely,no else want to get to the front

*just an ignorance for those didn't realize what happen in SUK Perak this day, you know yourself better than others, and Allah knows you better than you yourself

not prepared for 3rd SEM??

these are some list for the 3rd SEM but eventually it is not for sure that it is accordingly to this arrangement,
notice that,
it is just a list! not that i had already finished reading all of these or study these before,

i don't start it yet,even a word~
it is just a motivation for me and those who see it to study in this last few weeks before entering our University back,
all the best for the 3rd n 4th SEM!!^^
insyaAllah MUMTAZ amin~

  1. pneumothorax,stress,respiration
  2. asthma,COPD,tuberculosis
  3. dsypnea,hypoxia,smoking
  4. rheumatic fever,heart failure
  5. epidemiology of Cardiovascular diseases,ischemia
  6. cholesterol,hypertension,arterial blood pressure
  7. anemia,blood transfusion,hemopoiesis,
  8. thrombosis,hemopoiesis,physiologic regulation of regional circulation,research ethics
  9. acid base balance,jugular venous pulse,first aid