just this morning, i saw someone who might be the one can change the world,perhaps.. i didn't know his name but somehow reflect me back, some sort of meaningful things he thought,he said,

"PAS UMNO, klw diorang ny x bley bersatu,jgn haraplah nak tolong orang melayu"

then he drew,

these are the names of kindergarten which pas n umno had launched,
which mean if pas n umno unite,
he said so~


after he wrote 11*11,he said that after 11 it MUST be 12..rite?so, he just wrote 12..
n after that he wrote 11*12, he said also that after 12 is 13,so he wrote 13 at the side of the bar n goes on 14 15 n so on~

right after,

hmm, he just added 1,2,3 n so on till below of them,i mean the numbers,
just wondering that is it possible for them to unite? pas n umno?
n if both of them know what happen in the real community of which the agenda of jews n christs arouse,(to make havoc in the developing islamic country,1 of the protocol of zions)
i know that they even know much better than the others,n i believe them, coz for me to have the new one is really bother the others,really really bother, don't make any mess n let the authorize one to settle it,just look in perak, i live in ipoh,perak, i have my family,a lot of friends here, either who pros or objects the gov. i know them very well, i love them very much, n i know my place, just dont deny it..