*the title=i like it=i mean it

this post is dedicated to our leaders in what ever level or course INCLUDING we ourselve (which mean ALL)to ALL~~

"setiap daripada kamu ialah pemimpin, dan setiap daripada kamu akan ditanya akan apa yg kamu pimpin"

"each of ye is a guider(leader), and each of ye also will be asked of what you have been guided"

A bilal(muazzin,people who calling for prayer in Islam) is a status where in the time of our prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H, was a status which really people at that time wanted to be,
An Imam(the one who lead the prayer) is a status which people at that time really don't wanted to be.(they really uphold this hadis)

sometimes to be a stepping stone/back stage(things or person who cause something happen) to others are likely more reliable compared to the one who really show they themselve but do nothing towards it,*think +vely,no else want to get to the front

*just an ignorance for those didn't realize what happen in SUK Perak this day, you know yourself better than others, and Allah knows you better than you yourself