wednesday-11 february 2009

its quite cold lately here,i mean in mansoura.somehow it tells me that is it just a starting of winter or is it the beginning of summer?
the weather is not stable,sometimes cold,hot,cold back again n yet my travel to sinai is going not too cold.thats why it doesnt have any snow!

anyway,last 2 days i was in alexandria, one of the most beautiful city in egypt, i thought that i just wanna have an exchange for travellers cheque only but then it turns into a shopping DEAL.
some sort of amusement before getting into a summer phase.
i bought not too much but it cost much

this is some of the list that i bought
-levi's boot
-adidas sweater
-adidas cap
-quicksilver jacket
-n some sort of things that i thought never had in mansoura

1st day-
-went for alex at night n arrived bout 11 o'clock in the night
-ate chicken fried
-sleep at MARA building

2nd day-
-woke up early
-ustaz ishak's wife cooked a LOT of nasi goreng n pasta
-went to SAN STEFANO
-ate pizza queen
-went to the 'curve', egypt 'curve',haha
-went to carrefour
-went to mirage outlet
-ate GAD

3rd day-
-woke up quite late
-met haji idris n usta ishak
-went to train station
-went to mau'af gadid( this place had a 'wonderful' moment for me!haha,i'll tell later)
-took bus to mansoura
-arrived mansoura at 8 o'clock in the night

to be continued-train station DEAL~~~