jumaah preach n TEMPLE~

for the listener;

  1. zzZzZzz~~(man without head(with head pointed on the lap)when see from the back)
  2. sudden shock!(sleepy but then suddenly shock and 'melatah')
  3. fluid flowing from the mouth(yuks!)
  4. mind doesn't focus on the preach(mengelamun~)
  5. brothers at the back do not pray(even there are also elders,what a shame)
for the preacher & muazzin;

  1. the azan is just tooooo 'high'~alaa~~syahdunye~(the spirit to listen just disappear!)
  2. monotone(standard~)
  3. do not know well how to attract people to listen

actually what is the function this preach?

to remind each other,to gain new knowledge..
but how many time we go to jumaat prayer,get something useful and practice it in our life??

can't we bring along note book or mp3 player to record or at least focus??
then tell our family of what we heard of??


if this things just continue and people do nothing bout it, for sure it will bring a bad thing to Islam and its people itself,

because, non-muslim know that with this gathering,muslim can remind each others,how to strengthen the people, unite again and plan new strategy,
but muslim themselve do not likely to follow the goods and benefits of this preach,

while non-muslim strengthen themselve by just knowing that muslim can do something with this preach,
muslim itself weaken themselve by take for granted of what the advantages behind this preach,what a shame~
(we can see it here in Malaysia)

then,also,while 'others' can unite with their community(persatuan2),muslim people here in malaysia still ignore to CHOOSE the mosque,if this is from ******** party, better pray at the other mosque,still a big shame~

once again i just want to say that,
*giving others opportunities is not a big deal(their right),build the temple and so on,Islam really open with this,as long as they concern about others,no distraction and so on..
some people angry with the placement of the temple,BUT how many muslim(they) do pray to the mosque in 5 times prayers?? and now still did not understand why they angry for, GO to the mosque,then you can talk about others,

let say,if 'others' want to demolished mosque that EMPTY?? they said that it is a waste coz no people come,its better use to make a shop lot,THEN?? still want to protest that the placement is wrong??
if the time come~

*even in the not much civilized country like egypt,they MUST be at least a mosque just near the church,hurmm~

sorry for the unsuitable points in different title,huhu