bila kita rasa masalah kawan tu masalah kita..

for me, i am not simple nor complicated person,
it comes hand by hand,
that's y people tend to tell me whatever they want to say,
i mean their problems..
this is one of them,
it is special=)
*privacy diutamakan,nama x dinyatakan,hanya perkongsian semata*
fikirlah ape yg anda dah buat,
apa yg anda akan buat..

~Yahoo Messenger~

lawak lah,
dah nak exam pn ade je nak cte..
come on la~
berpada2 la..
ktrang nak exam..
we need to excel in this exam..
we r not among rich people,
or else affordable..
IF we didn't get this chance earlier,
we were not suppose to be here,
we don't know where to go,

thats what differs us..

it is not i am not strong enough to face this,
but you know what,
i can compare myself to others son or daughter..
if i fail*nauzubillah min zalik*,what will i get?
if they fail,what do they get?
i get nothing..
what do they get?

we r not lucky s u r,
i mean not lucky yet~
coz u know what,
i think we r in your previous generation's situation,
n yet,
my son or daughter,
will be same as u,
n i'll make sure,
that they will do the right thing,
with right mind,
with all possibilities that will happen..
we r not perfect,
u think u r always right?
u think ur path is d best for u n others?
its just d best for u,
not for us,
coz u r not at d same situation with us..

i am really2 grateful that it comes at this time,
coz i don't know,
what will happen
it comes in the previous kiling sem,
or fatal next sem..
thanks Allah..
U know the best for us..

fikirlah feeling of others,
we r not robot,
we r human,
r u happy right now?
if yes,good~
coz i am happy for u too..
if u feel bad~
then u should know what have u done..

may Allah BLESS n GUIDE us in whatever we do..


that's all..
i am also having problems..
tp xpe,
sy bgtaw kt dia,
yg kita jadi diri kita sudah,.
kita taw spe kita,
diorang bukan kenal siapa kita..
ape masalah kita,
apa situation kita..
ibu pesan~
*buat baik berpada2,n jangan sekali2 buat jahat*
buat baik berpada2~~~~~