cinta itu buta? love is blind? so??

we always heard people said that love is blind, cinta itu buta n so n so, rite??
do we DONT have to give a "tongkat" tu love? or just drag the blind away from the busy road?
is it just blind only n we gonna do nothing to guide it? if that so, then, we couldn't get Allah's n our prophet's(PBUH) love either, am i rite?
even to get Allah's love we must do whatever He say to us, then we practice it in our syahadah,prayer, our fasting, our zakat n haji n yet how much effort we give Allah then will reflect to us,HOW?? Allah will give us heaven s He had promised, happiness s well.
dats for Allah's love.

love Allah n Allah will love us by what? doing His order..
IF for human love?

its just the same thing, u must do something to get people's love. If we just said that " biarlah, jodoh tu ketentuan Allah, sspe pun bley".

that is known as " ZALIMI diri sendiri", apsal lak??
coz Allah give us chance to choose our own path(effort)(usaha), then insyaAllah through out the way in searching people's love, Allah will guide us to the best future in our life. its very logic n totally logic. Allah is very care bout His slave( people, muslim) or else for what we are staying in this world? its just to test human who obey Him n who is not.simple n logic.

BUT we must realise dat our tongkat or guidance(sherpa) for the blind must be better than the blind itself. Let say, u wanna help the blind crossing the busy road, then somehow u are also blind, so?? is it gonna make sense?? haha.. then both of us will die. we must prepare a "long", "tough" n easy to use tongkat, N also we must prepare also a man who are not blind or "rabun", MAN not children, N its better a police rite rather than normal person..

for what?? to get the blind to the other part of the road, to get him to the safe place. N thats gonna happen to our life specifically love.

so? our actions are;
  1. usaha(do the best effort) to get any love(Allah,prophet,family,wife,future wife n so on)
  2. pray very hard coz we dont know anything bout future,who does? Allah does
  3. make us a better person day by day
  4. always give n dont hope to get things

i'll give these 4 things with their Y(??) later, insyaAllah~^_^

this picture is for my family in ipoh,perak,malaysia.
it was in Alexandria, uddam( in front of) egypt bank N a couple there(eventually)haha..
i have 1 lyric for berubah..
actually this song was given by my friend-ahmed hatimi(sarawakian)^_^
jangan pernah berubah-marcell
masih ada perasaan yang tak menentu dihati,
bila ingat sarut matamu yang kurasa berbeda,
mu janganlah terjadi yang selalu kutakutkan,
beribu cara kan ku temu,
oh cintaku,kumahu tetap kamu,
yang jadi kekasihku,jangan pernah berubah,
selamanya kanku jaga diri,
seperti kapas putih dihatiku,
takkan ku buat noda,
bayangkanlah deru matamu,
bayangkan aku disisimu,
mu janganlah terjadi yg selalu ku takutkan,
beribu cara kan ku temu,
oh cintaku,kumahu tetap kamu,
yang jadi kekasihku,jangan pernah berubah,
selamanya kan ku jaga dirimu,
seperti kapas putih dihatiku,
takkan ku buat noda,
this song is dedicated to;
-my family
-my future family
-my friends

gettin' started

26th january 2009

salam, akhukum fillah meshi?^_^
ok, well, i'm not actually really know bout blog thingy but i think that its really vital 4 me to write something on or else being so dump knowing nothing bout this thing,huhu.. seems like truly desperate,haizz.

ok then, its a common sense 4 people who wanna read blog is to see others opinion,experience bout anything n its really put it into such a specific blog title.

so, why is it 'route to blessing'?
-people now tend to have their opinion n they said that
" yah, that's my opinion" regardless of being so stingy that we also tend to forget IS IT FROM U? TRULY FROM U? n is it TRUE??naahh, its just an opinion. depends on people to judge whether is it true,acceptable or not
-anything we do we MUST think that ALL things we do MUST be acceptED by ALLAH (no doubt) or else?? we'll nothing~

so, basically the aim or the motive or the mission n vision for me to start this thing is simple;
- write bout myself, my life,
- my opinion,
- wanna make it useful to others

dats it! i'm on!^_^

p/s anyway pliz help me along my start, i'm begging u..