at 11 p.m i'll go to Sinai,to where Moses take a time to have a peace, insyaAllah, my "hammadah"(pnjge rmh) now,he said that now there'll be snowing in Sinai,then i'll be the happiest person to be there,hehehe. He also said to me that do pray and doa a lot there coz insyaAllah Allah will approve our doa,he said.

to my family, dont worry too much, insyaAllah there'll be nothing happen there, even they are many tourists in Sinai,
why i wanna go to Sinai?
- i want snow!hehe
-i want to see the beauty of the creation of Allah
-i want to take pictures n videos there so i can prove that i had been there before,hehe
-i want to have an "anjakan paradigma" in myself thus preparing for the next SEM,it will be tougher than i thought.hmm.

Sinai! here i come!!^_^