not prepared for 3rd SEM??

these are some list for the 3rd SEM but eventually it is not for sure that it is accordingly to this arrangement,
notice that,
it is just a list! not that i had already finished reading all of these or study these before,

i don't start it yet,even a word~
it is just a motivation for me and those who see it to study in this last few weeks before entering our University back,
all the best for the 3rd n 4th SEM!!^^
insyaAllah MUMTAZ amin~

  1. pneumothorax,stress,respiration
  2. asthma,COPD,tuberculosis
  3. dsypnea,hypoxia,smoking
  4. rheumatic fever,heart failure
  5. epidemiology of Cardiovascular diseases,ischemia
  6. cholesterol,hypertension,arterial blood pressure
  7. anemia,blood transfusion,hemopoiesis,
  8. thrombosis,hemopoiesis,physiologic regulation of regional circulation,research ethics
  9. acid base balance,jugular venous pulse,first aid