hari raye~

1 october 2008

"saya, pemegang mohor besar raja2, bagi menyempurnakan perkenan duli yang maha mulia seri paduka baginda dipertuan agung,mengisytiharkan bahawa tarikh hari raya aidil filtri pada tahun ini jatuh pada 1 Oktober tahun 2008 bersamaan esok"
before that, i would like to sing 2 songs for my family, future family, friends nn all muslim in the world,terimalah~

M. Nasir-Satu Hari Di Hari Raya
Satu hari di Hari Raya
Ku lihat cahaya bersinar indah
Langit cemerlang tak terkira
Tanda kuasa yang Maha Esa
Memberi nikmat pada manusia
Satu hari di Hari Raya
Ku dengar irama yang sungguh indah
Ku coba mendekati padanya
Kira irama itu adalah
Suara pujian pada yang Esa
Satu hari di Hari Raya
Aku menangis tanda gembira
Aku menangis tanda ku cinta kepadaNya
Satu hari di Hari Raya
Ku lihat wajah suci ibukuKu
lihat wajah kasih ayahkuKu
Mungkin inilah dia kebahagiaan

P.Ramlee-dendang perantau
Di hari raya
Terkenang daku kepada si dia
Kampungku indah nun jauh di sana
Ayah serta bondaku
Di tepian mandi
Danauku hijau yang aman damai selalu
Nun di sanalah tempat aku bertemu
Aku dan dia
Apakan daya
Masa tak akan kembali
Hancur musnahlah semuanya
Impian yang murni
Tinggal menjadi kenang-kenanganku
Hanya rangkaian kata dan lagu
Dendang perantau

this is our first time in our life not celebrate raya with our family,
at that date, the only family we have are our friends,
together we share the moment of raya,
n yet together we share the pain of raya,
let me list some of the cure n pain,
hehehe(evil grin)

-food stuff (really good)
-friends,bros n sis(waa,so many maa)
hmm, not so much
-miss family damn much
-no duit raya
-boring for the next day
-some of us missed the bus, thus missed raya celebration,huhu
4 vs 3!!
pain win!!

so, these are some pics for the raya celebration,
not too much, just wanna show that we also have our very own raya,
N to prove the people who live in malaysia at that time,
denying what most people said,
-"kitorang mkn lemang, dodol dan mcm2 lagi lah! korang mkn ke?~"
the answer is
-" ktorang rye kt overC~"hahaha,,
check it out^_^

mansoura PARK

27th january 2009

i woke up at 11 a.m, what?? 11 a.m?? in egypt, its like woke up at 12 noon! coz zohor prayer is at 12 .30 p.m something. hah! i think it is because i slept quite late last night, discussing with my fellows bout man's stuff, future, i dont know why we always talk bout salary of the doctor,where we will work, at which hospital n so n so.

Seems like its just tomorrow we will a doctor n finish our studies. yes Dr.Fazley? haha, my roommate.N last night, we watched 2 movies which we thought it was a scary movies but somehow it turned into damn movies, really sucks! somehow we felt like we were being fooled with the movies,huhu,but it taught us to be more patient i thought, perhaps~waa!!

lastly, i slept at 3 a.m n once again its just like slept at 4 a.m, supposed to wake up at that time,huh!, n its not over yet! the party had just started, Dr.fazley,Dr. Izwan n Dr. Hariz all together make a very hesitate action! just wonder at 3 o clock, when all supposed to be in silent mode, there were a BIG sound! they sang songs! if the songs were " mendayu" one, its ok la but they used to sing rock song, '"IN THE END", "REFUGEE" by linkin park.

wow! that was a shocked for those who live upstairs,hahaha. we live at the 2nd floor n there are 8 floor all together. then somehow we heard a sound~"WOOIII, senyapla skit!! form the above,hahaha, i just started to feel dizzy n wanna sleep at that time, then, suddenly, there were no sound, very silent, just like i can hear nothing.NO!! they sang again 2 more songs!haha,gilo! hah! that was man's ego, the things that they must not do, then it will be the 1st things to do,^_^hehe,try to understand.after "releasing their tension";P

All of them then went into their room n wanted to sleep directly,haha,my life start again at 11 a.m.hahaha,

-solat zohor(subuh also maa at 6 a.m)-
watching movie-
She's a man( best lol)
-solat asar-watching movie-dunia baru
-basuh baju!
-dr.fazley kluar,so mntk tlg die belikan roti,haha( thats our main food here)^_^
-we go for NUSAN(nusantara), one of 2 restaurant from nusantara,its indonesian



man! do u have gut?? i got it from friendster,yah, truly amazing that we as a man, as protector, as a leader, didnt realize these things,so shame of us!for ISLAM, our faith, do something or else u'll be asked for what u've done before.
Bila disebut lelaki, Wanitanya mendongak megah, Lelaki kami Asadullah, Saifullah, Tokoh ramai tak terkira, Kini, Bila disebut lelaki, Wanitanya menunduk lemah, Tokoh kami sedikit sekali, Ramainya, boneka Yahudi.
Bila disebut lelaki, Wanitanya tenang di hati, Lelaki kami menjaga, melindungi, Kini, bila disebut lelaki, wanitanya mula cabut lari, lelaki pengkhianat, perogol bersiri.
Bila seorang wanita teraniaya, Sepasukan kuda putih membela, Al - Mu'tasim kebanggaan wanita, Kini, Ribuan wanita suci dipenjara, Fatimah diperkosa minta dibela, Lelaki tunduk x bertenaga.
Bila wanita dibawah jagaannya, Lelaki memagari sehabis daya, Tiada siapa berani menggoda. Kini, Bila wanita di bawah jagaannya, Lelaki tak kisah auratnya terbuka, Wanitanya dibiar bebas, binasa.

Lelaki bermatian mencipta sejarah, Kental berjihad, tekun berdakwah, Kini, Lelaki hanya menyanjungi sejarah, Diri bermalasan tenaga tak dikerah.

Lelaki memperjuang deen dan ummah, Al - Farouq , Zunurain mati terbunuh, Kini, Lelaki memperjuangkan diri dan kroninya, Hingga sanggup membunuh.

Lelaki bersatu menghadapi musuh, Angkatannya kuat dan teguh, Kini, Lelakinya berpuak dan berpecah, Kembalilah lelakiku!! Pada kelakian mu,Kembalilah lelakiku!!Kami rindukan lelaki dulu,Kembalilah lelakiku!!Acuan madrasah rasul.

past time memories,^_^-age 5-fish

past time memories,^_^

age 5-fish
hmm, i dont really know at what age i remember my first memory, i think at age of 5, it was at the back of my house.At that time, i like to dig soil n put a plastic bag in it,then i put water,so that the plastic bag will prevent the water from being absorbed into the soil.now i'm wondering, i'm quite clever at that time,hahaha..

i like fish, i bought some fishes from the fish shop in front of my house (now, they transfer to other place), chinese shop, an old woman, old but active woman, when i come to her shop, she always ask me " mau pokok ka anak ikan ??",i answered her question, "ank ikan" only, at that age, i was a boy who really really shy, n sensitive, too many to tell bout this,later on insyaAllah, hahaha..

k, then i put the fish into my 'exotic pond'.. yes, the fishes lived but they died early, not because of lack of oxygen or what,its because me, my twin, always take the fishes out of the pond n keep experimenting it! give the food directly into their mouth, "siang sisik"(rub out the scale) n so on, thats the sign telling my parent that i like being someone regarding to science perhaps,;P its really make sense when i kept wondering why the fish always appeared at the surface,just like want to eat,(actually breathing),haha..

i kept the fishes one night long, the next day, i saw some of the fishes gone, some died on the ground n some of them died in the pond. for the gone one, i thought it was cat eating it,but y they were some left on the ground? doesnt make sense. whatever, after that, i really upset n i cried,one whole day i sit at the back of my house do nothing, i wanted to buried the fish in the soil, so i dug a hole for my precious fishes so they can go to heaven(haa??)

so, the procedure begin, put the fish into the hole,buried them with soil again n i pray to Allah for the blessing, u know what, 2, 3 hours later, i saw many of "semut api" at that place, i was a boy,and young,curious n easy to change my mind,hahaha, i dug the buried fish back n they were many of that ants! too many, or too much of them!waa, i thought that it was the payback from Allah to the fishes for their sins, i quickly buried them back, n say nothing to my mom that night, the next day, i dug again the fishes n there were worms at the fish's body!hahh!!

once again, the payback time happened. i cant stand it anymore, so i put away the fishes into the drain n they were no more,told by an idiot, full of sound n fury,signifying nothing..T-T