my life(pt 1)-when it comes to end

3 months full of joy, with all around make world seems like mine,
just cant deny how much i love my parent,siblings n her,but the denial make things worse,
cannot say it by mouth is such an ego for a boy who just live alive for only 19 years,
despite of people who had already lived 3 times a life time to me.

so and so,
my life just struck by something that can change me forever,
the definition of wisdom which undefined by others except me,
feelings that i really want to bring it till after life,
to the end of the time where something couldn't resist.

it said that,
i have my right to choose,
to choose, is my life, not others,
forget about others,
me myself knows better than the others.

this world does not yet hear my voice,
hear that i know her well,
this world does not yet face it,
to show myself with my full heart.

once i said this will be my last,
who knows tomorrow really my last,
before it comes to its end,
i hope that this will be the first to be read by her.

oh Allah,forgives me if my path is wrong,
show me the right one or else i am lost,
no way that You are not my God,
because once i believe, totally i believe.

i love them damn much,huhu.

*dedicated to my parent,siblings,her,friends and others