girl on DEMAND(G.O.D)

G.O.D-girl on demand, gigantic but desirable,who do not want them? not me~ but which one do i have to choose? bring it on~

from Anas R.A,prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H said that;

"when a woman do pray 5 times a day,fasting in ramadhan, take care of her pride and obey her husband,she will be ask to enter the heaven through any of the doors she likes"(hadith from Ahmad)

do you???

A hadith said that;

"for sure,courteous(politeness) and faith(iman) link one another, if one of them lost,the other one will lost together"(hadith from Baihaqi)

do you???

"say to the woman that you meet,that obey their husband and obey the right of their husband are as same as fighting and charging with enemies of Islam in the battle field,but there are too little of wives which fulfill the right of their husband"(hadith from Imam Bazzar)

do you???

am i perfect and suit for the one?who knows~Allah knows me better than myself,
  • strive to get the best
  • pray a lot, i mean it,a lot~
  • tawakkal
  • consult parent

*credit to my parent and siblings-really helps me lot