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beauty of islam

Whether we realize or not, our brain and pressure somehow needs something that we will rely on for some reason, particularly for sure not to forget our creator, the only One who we MUST obey and tell all the story of our life in our prayer,

that’s why in Islam there are 5 times that we MUST meet our creator, starting from early morning in subuh prayer, pray that our day will just fine as what we want, our working hours till afternoon,

yet, after that zohor prayer comes to refresh our mind and to check back for what we had done just now,(it is sunnah if we take a quick nap before zohor prayer arrive, it is true and good for our mind as it had been through a busty traffic before that), the time interval from zohor and asar in the evening is actually an interval just to reorganize back of what we had done in the morning, to recall back the memories and what we got before this. It is a simple but very vital period in our daily life, what we had learned in the morning will be adjusted in the evening between zohor and asar.

After asar and before maghrib, all of us know that it is just a nice time to have exercises, 3 times a week and 20 minutes for each session. Is it a burden to make this simple thing a habit than to have diabetes, high blood pressure (HBP), low metabolism and cutting here there (in case of diabetes) in the old time?? 1 hour per week is enough well to just ‘maintain’ our health, not improve BUT to improve it, take 20 minutes every day and yet 2 hours and 20 minutes every week, so? Why pay more?

Then maghrib arrive, in this case Islam really care physically and mentally, between maghrib and isya’, there are quite a minute and not too long in interval, in that case, cooling down our heart beat is not enough in the cool down session in the evening, read holy quran, zikr, motivate our self back, attend the religious talk and so on, thus really help our mind to calm down for the next session, which is after isya’,

the time where we really really need a full attention if we want our past hours not to be wasted, we have to focus back and just repeat back what we had done before this in the morning till the night, though it is for sure really exhausted during the whole day, but this is the way of Islam actually, it is not just only prayer to Allah but it is the knowledge of Allah, He want us to search all of His blessings and ni’mah in this world, search, explore and share to the world to be a better place, that is Islam.