ahlan ramadhan(huhu)

ahlan ya ramadhan^^

there is nothing to do about the title,just an IGNORANCE for those who pretend not seeing any of the things happened around. For some reason,we are absolutely obsessed by things that we might know or just having a little knowledge about it.It is not a new things nowadays,but it will come through mouths that cannot be shut due to excess of mind freak obsessions.

is the, ramadhan topic=this topic???

*oh Allah,forgives us,ourself, our parent, our siblings,our family,our friends,our brothers and sisters in islam.give us strength to hold our iman and embrace islam.in this ramadhan,we hope that this is the best ramadhan of all others before.give us the BEST thing in our life and redha of what You had arranged yet after we try to do our best also on it because we did not know of what happen next and what we will get.You are our everything,our hope and our love,true love~amin~


ramadhan will yet come,

DO WE READY FOR IT??do we really really ready? prepare all the strength that we need in case of this meaningful ramadhan.

-Shut the things which MAY disturbing our path to Allah
-take care of others just we take care of our self
-get the knowledge as much as we can denying of what career we are(the good one)
-donation(tzadakah,hebrew's) do lot of it,helping poors and the one who need
-be your self, do not be others,He knows you well enough than you know your self


for me,

-study is my priority regardless of what i study
-modern medicine
-religion aspect
-knowing myself better day by day
-creaming my life management as smooth as possible thus preparing myself to be someone that might shake the world^^