SEM baru!

by the way, i'm so sorry that its not i do not want to write in BM much, its just because i want to improve my english skills, that's one of the main motive i want to create this blog, and yet its not only just for people NOW to see what i'm doing n what i've done before, its for me myself for my FUTURE, this thing will be a prove when i am getting old n yet become an adult^_^.

so,correct me if i make mistakes,ok?

i'll get into my University this 15th february 2009,n yet my result for this SEM is not shown yet!hopefully mumtaz n dont worry i'll write my result in this blog, coz i dont want to lie myself so others,

hmm, i want to make a list of what i want for this new SEM(semester), so insyaAllah i'll improve myself day by day^_^

-go to masjid for all solah time
-get mumtaz n at least jayyid jiddan for this SEM
-i want to go back to malaysia s early s possible(my family~)
-save money s much s possible
-reorganize mind setting(way of thinking)
-i want to meet again my old friends(reunion)
-for everythings i do, think wisely,so wise~

hmm, what else? i think that if i can handle these things perfectly, then others will be completely perfect, i think~

pray for my success yah!