why we are 'safe' in malaysia?(merdeka version)

why jews and west doesn't really interfere with our beloved Malaysia?

because they don't want to waste their energy,they don't have to do anything,nothing to be worried of,because of what? because we'll be in the middle of nowhere with no guidance,quarreling among others,

they know all of this will happen,it happen right now here,in Malaysia, we do realize or not,ask yourself,do not pretend that you know nothing, face the fact and try to solve it,even we are student,doesn't mean that we can't do nothing,

i remember in my BTN(biro tata negara)session, i was a leader of others in the whole camp,
at that time, our spirit arouse,really affect us,we just want to do something but we didn't know what we have to do,
so, i ask the instructor,
"sir,i have a question to ask,as a student,what we have to do regardless of study?"

"just study first"they said.

this is the right way to answer it??
wtH is that, really sucks then, we just lost guide for a time and maybe for the next time?who knows?just because of "JUST STUDY FIRST".
come on,we already have good enough mind to think what is best and worst,just say what we gonna do, voting is privacy,fine, then? others?
for sure it is for our Islam,nation and country itself, just tell,do or did not do,depends, as long as we had been instructed of what we have to do,

the facts,
-'we' doesn't really unite
-'we' are weak
-'we' are afraid

i support those 1 Malaysia,but it must be make by all of us,not only by one side,
to convert something huge to other of it, is not impossible but really really hard, i mean it, really hard,
that's why it comes to have innovative despite of creative,

*we do not have to change to others but it is better to help the already one to be the better one,
use what we already have,be creative and think about others