first of all~SELAMAT HARI RAYA^^-meh dtg rmh!(tp ak xde le~)

the nature of human mind is NOT reading.
its understanding.
forget about the title,
i do not like reading nor writing,haha

if you like,please read~
the one who understand himself does not have to pull his trigger by doing other things,despite to confine himself in a closed mind.
this writing is dedicated to all my friends and others,to share that we have our mission which not yet accomplished but actually had been told to us a long time ago and yet we MUST accomplish them,

please DO this;

'everyone of you is a guider,and each of you will be asked for what you have been guided'-hadis sahih

arkanul bai'ah(rukun baia'h)(utk pemimpin N berbalik kpd hadith di atas)--

  1. faham
  2. ikhlas
  3. amal
  4. jihad
  5. tadhihiyyah(berkorban)
  6. taat
  7. thabat(tetap pendirian)
  8. tajarrud(jati diri)
  9. ukhuwwah(persaudaraan)
  10. thiqah(kepercayaan)

these things had already told by our big brother in Islam-Hassan Al-Banna,

HE is the one who once had transform the DISCO or PUB into a MOSQUE in 1 night! who are we??
do we the one change 'the mosque into the PUB'??which vice versa??

YES!! we CHANGE it!!

  1. we dont take any action to ourselve to be a better person,
  2. to be the one who do deeds,
  3. to be the one who bring along our friends to the right path,
  4. to do things just for Allah.

we transform the mosque into the pub,ask ourselve what we had done before~
we did it~

"ya Allah,ampunkan dosa kami,kedua ibubapa kami,keluarga kami,rakan2 kami dan orang islam amnya,
kami sayang diri kami dan mereka ya Allah,
sesungguhnya kami tidak tahu apa yang terbaik untuk kami,bimbinglah kami,
tidak tahu masa hadapan kami,permudahkan kami,
kami tidak tahu akan dosa kami,ampunilah kami,
kami tidak tahu nasib kami di sana,kami mohon syurga milik kami,

redhalah kehidupan kami di dunia dan sejahtera di akhirat"