uhhu~~exam nk dekat~doakan yg terbaik^^

" to think that we are good enough, think that there are better person than we are.. to think that we are bad enough, think that we are really and the most bad person that we discovered....yet "


sorry coz i'm late to signifies these things, but somehow,its just tq~~
tq to Azie Nur Auni N Fikri Indra Prastanta ~~ for awards of interesting blog n beautiful blog respectively^^

beautiful?? credits to the one who creates the templates~~~

interesting?? its just a blog of words,

lets role the dice^^ the person who should get these awards both are;


really~~~ they should get these, coz they are superb, i just linked them, so that those who read can link to their blog, for sure, get something from them!! n really discover they themselve coz they are SOMEBODY^^ i mean it~~criously~~

7 perkara mengenai sy;hmm~hahaha...

1- Bunyamin bin Abdullah bin Husin bin Yasin bin Salim, kira cucu Husin,cicit Yasin~ btol ek abah?

2- Suka tgk orang=DD

3- sensitive,hahaha

4-x suka membaca.criusly~~

5-suka dgr lagu except METAL2 thingies, rimas ah~

6- love to travel!! if ada kemampuan^^

7-driving! kereta, and maybe my personal aircraft^^insyaAllah~ (btw mmg jd driver pn kt rmh =DD)