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28th january 2009

i had just totally finished my semester examination, today i had finished my english test. Quite smooth i think, alhamdulillah.Actually there are 4 test all together;
1)multiple choice Q(mcQ)
2)essay(short essay but 9 essays)haha
3)practical in computer4)language(english)
target: MUMTAZ, amin~

i woke up at 10 p.m, earlier than yesterday,hahaha,coz i dont study even a single for this test,so, the studies began, just studying what lectures had told us, the meanings n so on,not too much.then,s i'm a good cook(haha), i cook for myself a home made to'miyyah.look delicious but its crazy,hahaha, u know why?coz the ingredients are onion,tomato,mushroom,egg,some salad n a piece of fatirah(roti yg Dr.fazley beli smlm)^_^,yahh!! my master piece!thats for breakfast,

i started preparing myself for the "battle" n finished it. but i really thanked to Allah,alhamdulillah coz just right before examination, i talked to my friend next sit to me,she's a girl,at my back, its a girl also, then at my left side is a boy, aiman his name, my schoolmate from MRSM taiping,i asked my right side girl named edora, my ex-school mate from primary school,(not my ex)huhu,
"eit,ape yg ko dh bce? ko rse kuar mcmne?'
"ak pn x taw la,tp ak ade cntoh soalan,nk?"
"bley gak"
so, i look at the Qs,what??!!
"peh,x penah dgr pn terms ny"
i just read just like a heart beat,fast n furious,huhu.
"hmm,klah, thanks!^_^all da best!""okee,sme jgk"

so, the exam began, n truly amazing, its just the same questions!!, waahh, alhamdulillah,thanks Allah, for the whole examination, i can see that i was being guided from an unknown source, n truly, its You,alhamdulillah.thanks to my family, ibu, abah, ita, aisyhah n ali perhaps, n my very own ehem2(^_^). tq for ur doa, may Allah bless all of you always,may only the best thing happened to us,amin~

after finished my exam, me n my friends went to buy some 'krib' at 'mixcan',i found Aiman again with his friends also buying the same food there, i go outside the shop for a while then something happened,just wonder, a man suddenly pushed strongly at my back,that's hurt man!!its a arab teenager,running into the shop beside 'mixcan' shop,searching for something n i thought he was the worker there but somehow even the women in the shop also were shocked,seems he's not from there, n lastly he found a "sudip" for cooking burger,some sort of slicer, he run again outside the shop, went towards crowd n BANG!!he stabbed someone with the "sudip"!

i realized that there was a bleeding in his neck but i didnt expect it,i called my friends to see the fight, but somehow, the arab friends calm down the situation,but its really horrible which someone could die! its in the UNIVERSITY man!! what a shame!thats what arab look like,just wanna tell people in malaysia, take a very good care of our place, our relationship between other races, its really important, n we MUST thankful coz Allah give us a very peace country n a happy living condiyion with each other.if u were here,somehow you expect something very good in egypt, their people n the environment is clean, ITS JUST A DREAM!!,

s my birthday was in 15th january, so my friends brought me to the restaurant below the pizza station,huhu, i thought it was delicious but erghh!!terrible i thought,huhu..but i sent out no money,thats the best part,=)really~what?? birthday boy maa!hahaha,at night i wathched alone bollywood stuff,khabi kushi khabi gham,so sad~huhu,
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