Are we really happy here
With this lonely game we play
Looking for words to say
Searching but not findingunderstanding anywhere
We're lost in a masquerade

Both afraid to say we're just to far away
From being close together from the start
We tried to talk it over
but the words got in the way

We're lost inside
this lonely game we play
Thoughts of leaving disappear
Every time I see your eyes
No matter how hard I try
To understand the reasons
Why we carry on this way
We're lost in a masquerade

muhasabah cinta

loves Allah,Allah loves u,
loves someone, not necessarily he or she will loves u,
Oh,Allah, please guide us to the best path in our life,
dont make us someone who doesnt thanked with ur gift,
if u want to make me love someone,
make my loved one loving u first,
tie our hearts in which by ur redha,
or else we'll regret for nothing we get..

muhasabah cinta-edcoustic

Wahai... Pemilik nyawaku,
Betapa lemah diriku ini,
Berat ujian dariMu,
Kupasrahkan semua padaMu,

Tuhan... Baru ku sadar,
Indah nikmat sihat itu,
Tak pandai aku bersyukur,
Kini kuharapkan cintaMu,

Kata-kata cinta terucap indah,
Mengalun berzikir di kidung doaku,
Sakit yang kurasa,
biar jadi penawar dosaku,

Butir-butir cinta air mataku,
Teringat semua yang Kau beri untukku,
Ampuni khilaf dan salah selama ini,
Ya ilahi....Muhasabah cintaku...,

Tuhan... Kuatkan aku,
Lindungiku dari putus asa,
Jika ku harus mati,
Pertemukan aku denganMu

LOGIC-LOGIKA, read carefully,coz there are spikes!

If you wanna find a "hafizah"(pmpn yg hafal quran) or women who are wara' n so on, is there any higher possibilities to get them in the pub o disco? or is it clearly easy when we go to pusat tahfiz or surau or so on?

thats reflect us,
logic-If we want to have a good person, we must be good first, then its not impossible n yet its very logic coz good people doesnt go to pub,disco n so on unless to dakwah n so on,but if we said that we are the one who want to dakwah to the people in the pub like hasan al banna, look at first, our iman, if we didnt dakwah ourself first then how can we manage to dakwah people plus in pub n disco? its a dream~

mature-back to the topic, logically, along the way in getting older n older, we didnt realise that supposely our mind also must be older n mature enough to deal with things like these, marriage n so on, mature in term of not being selfish in relationship with others,girls n boys, n so on. in relationship, if we do matured enough, we totally doesnt have intention to have a leak social life,what i mean is, if we know that we are going through the adult phase, our mind must be prepared to be an adult, or else we must try to be an adult, if just being a child minded n just like happy go lucky, so, its not totally being ready to the next stage of our life's phase.

giving but not recieving- the first thing that we must take care is, we must think for the worst, its not being the worst, but you have prepare urself to the worst situation if happen. in term of these, islam has guide us to a very beautiful thing in love, its for man BUT lets take it generally,take it for women also,
this is one of the hadis from our prophet " kahwinilah kamu akn prmpn itu kerana 4 perkara, harta, keturunan, wajah(kecantikan), agama, dan pilihlah agama nescaya kamu akan selamat"
what we can get through this hadis? we have a right to choose, n yet what we choose will reflect us, thats y if we take agama(islam) we will be safe, it somehow tell us that other than islam,all of them will faded n vanished except islam coz we can take it even in the next world. we also always see that 'jika kamu pilih bunga bunga akan layu n so on, thats totally true, n yet do we have no right to choose our 'bunga'? we do have! but remember that, if we s a partner for someone n we only want to give rather than recieve, n yet our partner also think the same thing, its a very very very beautiful!
we didnt expect to get anything n somehow the other person give us 100% their things to us.its totally amazing! n we'll always happy ever doubt.

thiqah(kepercayaan)- this included our personality, the way we talk n so on,appearance n our social life, just think, is it wearing a turban reflect the person to have high knowledge?yes! its true for the first thought, BUT its really shame if the person who wearing a T-shirt can remember the whole quran n the turban one doesnt. its called thiqah, its very general if to talk thiqah only but we can understand that thiqah is a very important thing, how can we want to have a beautiful or handsome person but we didnt look smart at least, n yet its not impossible,yah, jodoh di tangan tuhan BUT we make it worse! how can we want to have the person that we want?? logically, Allah is fair, fair enough to understand His people life, what will be the fate n so on. Allah doesnt change ones fate unless they change by themselve. is it logic?? totally logic!

penyerahan- actually this thing is not the last thing we must do, the 3 things, effort,doa,n tawakkal always stand together from the beginning. when we do our best effort,together with doa n tawakkal, its truly beautiful thing to do! doa n tawakkal is one of the effort right? so? is it we do effort first(e.g study only) then, comes to doa(after finished exam) n tawakkal( when to get result)???,haha, its logic but during the effort phase, do we must not tawakkal to Allah? think again.
my ABAH always said to me that its not logic to the person who studies with the right effort to get nothing in their exam. that TOTALLY true! BUT some people said if we sick?? then?
hmm,, then how was it?
its an easy Q, who thought you to not take a good care of ur health? but then there will be a time where we didnt want that thing happen to us n we had done the best thing to avoid those things but they still happen,then Allah is the best place for hope~

" we plan n Allah also plan BUT the best plan is from Allah"


these where the complication begin, one of the most popular statement by Darwin evolution theory is a Natural it logic??

NO, totally not logic in a second time thought, if we see it for the first time or in first thought it will be totally logic BUT sorry Darwin, you cant fool us by ur research.Adam is the first human, is a logic, creation of the world from the cloud is logic,somehow we as muslim always think bout our faith is not logic, this and this and this is not logic!

BUT do you do research on it?? if not, better DO!, coz its ur responsibility not make urself lost in this complication. Study bout ISLAM and u'll find the logic itself, even the isra' mi'raj is logic. study~

Darwin's Theory of evolution has four main parts;
1) Organisms have transformed over time, and the ones living today are different from those that lived in the past.Further more,many organisms that once lived are now extinct.THe world is not constant,but changing.The fossil record provided plenty evidence for this view.

2)All organisms are derived from common ancestors by a process of branching.Over time, populations aplit into different species,which are related because there are related from a common ancestor.

3)Thus,if one goes far enough back in time,any pair of ancestor have common ancestors.This expalained the similarities of organisms that were classified together, they were similar because of share traits inherited from their common ancestor.

4)chagne is gradual and slow, taking place over a long time

5)The machanism of evolutionary change was a natural selection


- distinguishes one population from another
-the most widely used human racial categories are beased on visible traits sucha s skin colour and facial features.
-the term RACE is used in phyiscal anthropology to denote a division of humankind possessing traits that are transmissible by descent and sufficient to characterize it as a distinct human type.
there are 3 basic race in the world;
1- caucasoid
2- mongoloid
3- negroid

location-europe,north Africa,middle east,north india
skin colour-pale reddish white to olive brown
eye-light blue to dark brown
hair-light blonde to dark browm
nose shape-high nose bridge

location-east asia
skin colour- saffron to yellow or reddish brown
eye- black to dark brown
hair-dark,straight and coarse
nose shape- low or medium nose bridge

location- Africa,sahara,pygmy groups of Indonesia,new guinea and Melanesia
skin colour- brown to brown-black
eye- dark colours
hair- dark,coarse, usually kinky
nose shape- low nose bridge and broad nostril

factors affecting skin colour
pheomelanin-red to yellow
eumelanin- brown to dark brown

which race ARE YOU??


Somehow i just realize that we as a muslim supposely must not have someone who are called 'merempat' or what so ever, i didnt mean it is rude to say that, its just we suppose not to have a poor people n so on coz we are MUSLIM, if we trully inspire on the meaning of zakat n puasa, we know that its not all about hablu minaAllah(relation with Allah) BUT its hablu minannas(relation with human) as well. "the hand above is better than below", seems we suppose to help our people ( i mean muslim ) in what ever things denying from what races we are, from which party we are s long s we are muslim, we have our responsibility towards it. if we do have faith, ISLAM, then show to the world that islam is the BEST, prove that the ISLAM is the right path, if we dont do our best to do it, then we are just a muslim ONLY, we are not BERIMAN to ALLAH n so as the other 5 rukun iman,think bro!

this is an article from BH;
Johor: 3 beranak merempat di bilik kecil

MUAR: Kesempitan hidup yang dialami sejak kematian suami, menyebabkan seorang ibu tunggal, Asmah Roslan, 53, terpaksa tinggal di bilik kecil bersama dua anak lelakinya, di belakang bangunan gerai di Kampung Batu 15, Air Hitam, di sini, sejak 10 tahun lalu.
Beliau berkata, sejak kematian suami, Mohd Nor Sukar, pada 1989, dia terpaksa mencari nafkah bagi menyara dua anak lelakinya Mohd Yusof, 17, dan Mohd Fahrurazi, 12, dengan berniaga makanan dan minuman ringan di gerai pihak berkuasa tempatan (PBT) di kampung itu.
"Purata keuntungan yang diperoleh antara RM300 hingga RM350 sebulan. Dengan pendapatan sebanyak itu, bukan saja tidak mencukupi untuk menyara keluarga, tetapi tidak membolehkan kami menabung untuk mendirikan rumah," katanya, ditemui di bilik penginapannya, di Air Hitam, di sini, semalam.

Asmah berkata, Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) ada memberi bantuan persekolahan dua anaknya sebanyak RM200 sebulan, sejak Mei tahun lalu.
Bagaimanapun, katanya, dia bimbang, separuh daripada bantuan itu akan dipotong kerana anaknya yang tua, Mohd Yusof, kini sedang menunggu keputusan peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM). Mohd Fahrurazi, pula belajar di Tahun Enam, Sekolah Kebangsaan Batu 15 Air Hitam. Asmah berharap masalah kesempitan hidup yang dialaminya itu, mendapat perhatian pihak berkuasa, termasuk memperuntukkan sebuah rumah di bawah Program Pembangunan Rakyat Termiskin (PPRT).

Beliau yang berasal dari Kampung Parit Haji Anuar, Air Hitam, mendakwa pernah memohon mendapatkan rumah di bawah PPRT tetapi sehingga kini masih belum diberi perhatian.
Sementara itu, Setiausaha Jawatankuasa Kemajuan dan Keselamatan Kampung (JKKK) Parit Haji Anuar, Anas Jaafar, berkata pihaknya akan membincangkan masalah dihadapi keluarga Asmah dalam mesyuarat JKKK kampung itu, Sabtu ini.



1. Mayat yang mukanya berpaling dari arah kiblat. Itulah petanda bahawa semasa hidupnya telah melakukan perkara syirik kepada Allah. Kawan-kawan,syirik
ini jangan buat main-main, dosa yang paling besar dalam Islam. Kekal dalam neraka

2. Mayat yang mukanya berbentuk babi. Itulah petanda semasa hidupnya tidak
melakukan solat lima waktu, tidak menjaga solat lima waktu. Lalai dalam solatnya.
Sesungguhnya solat dapat mencegah diri dari melakukan perbuatan keji dan mungkar.
Perbuatan keji dan mungkar ini banyak, bukan hanya berduaan ditempat gelap, minum
arak, berjudi sahaja. Tak tutup aurat juga perbuatan keji. Bayangkanlah sejak dari
baligh lagi kawan-kawan tak pernah tutup aurat, berapa banyak dosa yang telah
dikumpulkan. Siksa api neraka amat pedih .... Kalau kawan-kawan nak tahu
bagaimana rasa 1/70 bahang (kalau tak silap) api neraka kawan-kawan cubalah cucuh
hujung jari kawan-kawan dengan api, macam mana rasanya? Boleh tahan tak?

3. Mayat yang kepala menjadi batu yang hitam legam. Itulah mayat yang semasa
hidupnya derhaka kepada kedua ibu-bapa.

4. Mayat yang perutnya buncit dan meletup. Itulah mayat yang semasa hidupnya suka
makan harta yang haram. Harta yang haram banyak contohnya. Antaranya mencuri...
harta yang haram. Merompak... harta haram. Melesapkan duit kawan... harta yang

5. Mayat yang kukunya mengcengkam dan meliliti seluruh tubuhnya. Itulah mayat yang semasa hidupnya suka berkelahi, mengata orang dan mengumpat orang.
6. Mayat yang keluar mata air dari kuburnya dan air itu baunya lebih busuk dari bangkai.
Itulah mayat orang yang suka makan riba'.

7. Mayat yang wajahnya tersenyum. Itulah mayat yang semasa hidupnya berilmu dan
beramal soleh.

medical terms

i wanna start something that may help me during my journey in medicine studies. InsyaAllah by 6 years i'll become a doctor n insyaAllah i'll do what i suppose to do as a muslim in a community not bias in religion, races n so on.pray for my success meshi?^_^

these are some sort of terms in medicine;

haematemesis - the act of vomitting blood,the blood may have been swallowed(e.g nose bleeding) but more often arises from bleeding in the oesophagus,stomach or duodenum

malaise- general feeling of being unwell.the feeling may be accompanied by identifiable physical discomfort and may indicate the presence of disease

anorexia- loss of appetitecombined with weight loss

arrhythmia- any deviation from the normal rhythm(sinus rhythm) of the heart. Arrhythmias result from a disturbance of the generation or the conduction of these impulses and may be intermittent or continuous.

diuretics- drug that increases the volume of the urine produced by promoting the excretion of salts and water from the kidney.


29 january 2009

today, seems like there are no things which i can describe as "best" n "x boring". huhu,
but insyaAllah i think after this i gonna change from everydays life to every week life or some thing like that,some sort of improvement so that i will not too bored writing every single day,yah?
i just wanna write something bout mine n my friends life in the morning,seems like we always wake up very late n yet, automatically late in subuh prayer,
this is some sort of question that might make us feel better,huhu.

Terlewat Solat Subuh
Soalan: Saya telah terlewat bangun untuk mengerjakan sembahyang subuh sehingga luput waktunya, bolehkah saya mengerjakan sembahyang subuh itu walaupun telah luput waktunya atau saya perlu mengqadanya bila waktu zuhur?

Jawapan: Meninggalkan solat secara sengaja adalah berdosa. Ini kerana solat itu adalah tiang agama. Sesiapa yang menunaikannya bererti telah mendirikan agama dan sesiapa yang mencuaikannya bererti meruntuhkan agama. Namun begitu bagi orang yang tertinggal solat bukan dengan cara sengaja seperti bangun subuh lewat dari waktunya, maka yang terlibat tidak berdosa.
Bagaimanapun ia dikehendaki segera mengqada'kannya tanpa menunggu masuknya waktu zohor. Ini berdasarkan sebuah hadis yang sahih yang menjelaskan Allah SWT tidak mengambil kira amalan yang dilakukan oleh umat Muhammad yang dilakukan secara tersalah, terlupa atau terpaksa.

*but if we didnt TRY our BEST EFFORT to wake up early such as setting ALARM, use to tell friends to us WAKE UP, n so on, its totally a sin also coz we didnt TRY~

everydays life~

28th january 2009

i had just totally finished my semester examination, today i had finished my english test. Quite smooth i think, alhamdulillah.Actually there are 4 test all together;
1)multiple choice Q(mcQ)
2)essay(short essay but 9 essays)haha
3)practical in computer4)language(english)
target: MUMTAZ, amin~

i woke up at 10 p.m, earlier than yesterday,hahaha,coz i dont study even a single for this test,so, the studies began, just studying what lectures had told us, the meanings n so on,not too much.then,s i'm a good cook(haha), i cook for myself a home made to'miyyah.look delicious but its crazy,hahaha, u know why?coz the ingredients are onion,tomato,mushroom,egg,some salad n a piece of fatirah(roti yg Dr.fazley beli smlm)^_^,yahh!! my master piece!thats for breakfast,

i started preparing myself for the "battle" n finished it. but i really thanked to Allah,alhamdulillah coz just right before examination, i talked to my friend next sit to me,she's a girl,at my back, its a girl also, then at my left side is a boy, aiman his name, my schoolmate from MRSM taiping,i asked my right side girl named edora, my ex-school mate from primary school,(not my ex)huhu,
"eit,ape yg ko dh bce? ko rse kuar mcmne?'
"ak pn x taw la,tp ak ade cntoh soalan,nk?"
"bley gak"
so, i look at the Qs,what??!!
"peh,x penah dgr pn terms ny"
i just read just like a heart beat,fast n furious,huhu.
"hmm,klah, thanks!^_^all da best!""okee,sme jgk"

so, the exam began, n truly amazing, its just the same questions!!, waahh, alhamdulillah,thanks Allah, for the whole examination, i can see that i was being guided from an unknown source, n truly, its You,alhamdulillah.thanks to my family, ibu, abah, ita, aisyhah n ali perhaps, n my very own ehem2(^_^). tq for ur doa, may Allah bless all of you always,may only the best thing happened to us,amin~

after finished my exam, me n my friends went to buy some 'krib' at 'mixcan',i found Aiman again with his friends also buying the same food there, i go outside the shop for a while then something happened,just wonder, a man suddenly pushed strongly at my back,that's hurt man!!its a arab teenager,running into the shop beside 'mixcan' shop,searching for something n i thought he was the worker there but somehow even the women in the shop also were shocked,seems he's not from there, n lastly he found a "sudip" for cooking burger,some sort of slicer, he run again outside the shop, went towards crowd n BANG!!he stabbed someone with the "sudip"!

i realized that there was a bleeding in his neck but i didnt expect it,i called my friends to see the fight, but somehow, the arab friends calm down the situation,but its really horrible which someone could die! its in the UNIVERSITY man!! what a shame!thats what arab look like,just wanna tell people in malaysia, take a very good care of our place, our relationship between other races, its really important, n we MUST thankful coz Allah give us a very peace country n a happy living condiyion with each other.if u were here,somehow you expect something very good in egypt, their people n the environment is clean, ITS JUST A DREAM!!,

s my birthday was in 15th january, so my friends brought me to the restaurant below the pizza station,huhu, i thought it was delicious but erghh!!terrible i thought,huhu..but i sent out no money,thats the best part,=)really~what?? birthday boy maa!hahaha,at night i wathched alone bollywood stuff,khabi kushi khabi gham,so sad~huhu,
last at 3.15 a.m

hari raye~

1 october 2008

"saya, pemegang mohor besar raja2, bagi menyempurnakan perkenan duli yang maha mulia seri paduka baginda dipertuan agung,mengisytiharkan bahawa tarikh hari raya aidil filtri pada tahun ini jatuh pada 1 Oktober tahun 2008 bersamaan esok"
before that, i would like to sing 2 songs for my family, future family, friends nn all muslim in the world,terimalah~

M. Nasir-Satu Hari Di Hari Raya
Satu hari di Hari Raya
Ku lihat cahaya bersinar indah
Langit cemerlang tak terkira
Tanda kuasa yang Maha Esa
Memberi nikmat pada manusia
Satu hari di Hari Raya
Ku dengar irama yang sungguh indah
Ku coba mendekati padanya
Kira irama itu adalah
Suara pujian pada yang Esa
Satu hari di Hari Raya
Aku menangis tanda gembira
Aku menangis tanda ku cinta kepadaNya
Satu hari di Hari Raya
Ku lihat wajah suci ibukuKu
lihat wajah kasih ayahkuKu
Mungkin inilah dia kebahagiaan

P.Ramlee-dendang perantau
Di hari raya
Terkenang daku kepada si dia
Kampungku indah nun jauh di sana
Ayah serta bondaku
Di tepian mandi
Danauku hijau yang aman damai selalu
Nun di sanalah tempat aku bertemu
Aku dan dia
Apakan daya
Masa tak akan kembali
Hancur musnahlah semuanya
Impian yang murni
Tinggal menjadi kenang-kenanganku
Hanya rangkaian kata dan lagu
Dendang perantau

this is our first time in our life not celebrate raya with our family,
at that date, the only family we have are our friends,
together we share the moment of raya,
n yet together we share the pain of raya,
let me list some of the cure n pain,
hehehe(evil grin)

-food stuff (really good)
-friends,bros n sis(waa,so many maa)
hmm, not so much
-miss family damn much
-no duit raya
-boring for the next day
-some of us missed the bus, thus missed raya celebration,huhu
4 vs 3!!
pain win!!

so, these are some pics for the raya celebration,
not too much, just wanna show that we also have our very own raya,
N to prove the people who live in malaysia at that time,
denying what most people said,
-"kitorang mkn lemang, dodol dan mcm2 lagi lah! korang mkn ke?~"
the answer is
-" ktorang rye kt overC~"hahaha,,
check it out^_^

mansoura PARK

27th january 2009

i woke up at 11 a.m, what?? 11 a.m?? in egypt, its like woke up at 12 noon! coz zohor prayer is at 12 .30 p.m something. hah! i think it is because i slept quite late last night, discussing with my fellows bout man's stuff, future, i dont know why we always talk bout salary of the doctor,where we will work, at which hospital n so n so.

Seems like its just tomorrow we will a doctor n finish our studies. yes Dr.Fazley? haha, my roommate.N last night, we watched 2 movies which we thought it was a scary movies but somehow it turned into damn movies, really sucks! somehow we felt like we were being fooled with the movies,huhu,but it taught us to be more patient i thought, perhaps~waa!!

lastly, i slept at 3 a.m n once again its just like slept at 4 a.m, supposed to wake up at that time,huh!, n its not over yet! the party had just started, Dr.fazley,Dr. Izwan n Dr. Hariz all together make a very hesitate action! just wonder at 3 o clock, when all supposed to be in silent mode, there were a BIG sound! they sang songs! if the songs were " mendayu" one, its ok la but they used to sing rock song, '"IN THE END", "REFUGEE" by linkin park.

wow! that was a shocked for those who live upstairs,hahaha. we live at the 2nd floor n there are 8 floor all together. then somehow we heard a sound~"WOOIII, senyapla skit!! form the above,hahaha, i just started to feel dizzy n wanna sleep at that time, then, suddenly, there were no sound, very silent, just like i can hear nothing.NO!! they sang again 2 more songs!haha,gilo! hah! that was man's ego, the things that they must not do, then it will be the 1st things to do,^_^hehe,try to understand.after "releasing their tension";P

All of them then went into their room n wanted to sleep directly,haha,my life start again at 11 a.m.hahaha,

-solat zohor(subuh also maa at 6 a.m)-
watching movie-
She's a man( best lol)
-solat asar-watching movie-dunia baru
-basuh baju!
-dr.fazley kluar,so mntk tlg die belikan roti,haha( thats our main food here)^_^
-we go for NUSAN(nusantara), one of 2 restaurant from nusantara,its indonesian



man! do u have gut?? i got it from friendster,yah, truly amazing that we as a man, as protector, as a leader, didnt realize these things,so shame of us!for ISLAM, our faith, do something or else u'll be asked for what u've done before.
Bila disebut lelaki, Wanitanya mendongak megah, Lelaki kami Asadullah, Saifullah, Tokoh ramai tak terkira, Kini, Bila disebut lelaki, Wanitanya menunduk lemah, Tokoh kami sedikit sekali, Ramainya, boneka Yahudi.
Bila disebut lelaki, Wanitanya tenang di hati, Lelaki kami menjaga, melindungi, Kini, bila disebut lelaki, wanitanya mula cabut lari, lelaki pengkhianat, perogol bersiri.
Bila seorang wanita teraniaya, Sepasukan kuda putih membela, Al - Mu'tasim kebanggaan wanita, Kini, Ribuan wanita suci dipenjara, Fatimah diperkosa minta dibela, Lelaki tunduk x bertenaga.
Bila wanita dibawah jagaannya, Lelaki memagari sehabis daya, Tiada siapa berani menggoda. Kini, Bila wanita di bawah jagaannya, Lelaki tak kisah auratnya terbuka, Wanitanya dibiar bebas, binasa.

Lelaki bermatian mencipta sejarah, Kental berjihad, tekun berdakwah, Kini, Lelaki hanya menyanjungi sejarah, Diri bermalasan tenaga tak dikerah.

Lelaki memperjuang deen dan ummah, Al - Farouq , Zunurain mati terbunuh, Kini, Lelaki memperjuangkan diri dan kroninya, Hingga sanggup membunuh.

Lelaki bersatu menghadapi musuh, Angkatannya kuat dan teguh, Kini, Lelakinya berpuak dan berpecah, Kembalilah lelakiku!! Pada kelakian mu,Kembalilah lelakiku!!Kami rindukan lelaki dulu,Kembalilah lelakiku!!Acuan madrasah rasul.

past time memories,^_^-age 5-fish

past time memories,^_^

age 5-fish
hmm, i dont really know at what age i remember my first memory, i think at age of 5, it was at the back of my house.At that time, i like to dig soil n put a plastic bag in it,then i put water,so that the plastic bag will prevent the water from being absorbed into the i'm wondering, i'm quite clever at that time,hahaha..

i like fish, i bought some fishes from the fish shop in front of my house (now, they transfer to other place), chinese shop, an old woman, old but active woman, when i come to her shop, she always ask me " mau pokok ka anak ikan ??",i answered her question, "ank ikan" only, at that age, i was a boy who really really shy, n sensitive, too many to tell bout this,later on insyaAllah, hahaha..

k, then i put the fish into my 'exotic pond'.. yes, the fishes lived but they died early, not because of lack of oxygen or what,its because me, my twin, always take the fishes out of the pond n keep experimenting it! give the food directly into their mouth, "siang sisik"(rub out the scale) n so on, thats the sign telling my parent that i like being someone regarding to science perhaps,;P its really make sense when i kept wondering why the fish always appeared at the surface,just like want to eat,(actually breathing),haha..

i kept the fishes one night long, the next day, i saw some of the fishes gone, some died on the ground n some of them died in the pond. for the gone one, i thought it was cat eating it,but y they were some left on the ground? doesnt make sense. whatever, after that, i really upset n i cried,one whole day i sit at the back of my house do nothing, i wanted to buried the fish in the soil, so i dug a hole for my precious fishes so they can go to heaven(haa??)

so, the procedure begin, put the fish into the hole,buried them with soil again n i pray to Allah for the blessing, u know what, 2, 3 hours later, i saw many of "semut api" at that place, i was a boy,and young,curious n easy to change my mind,hahaha, i dug the buried fish back n they were many of that ants! too many, or too much of them!waa, i thought that it was the payback from Allah to the fishes for their sins, i quickly buried them back, n say nothing to my mom that night, the next day, i dug again the fishes n there were worms at the fish's body!hahh!!

once again, the payback time happened. i cant stand it anymore, so i put away the fishes into the drain n they were no more,told by an idiot, full of sound n fury,signifying nothing..T-T

cinta itu buta? love is blind? so??

we always heard people said that love is blind, cinta itu buta n so n so, rite??
do we DONT have to give a "tongkat" tu love? or just drag the blind away from the busy road?
is it just blind only n we gonna do nothing to guide it? if that so, then, we couldn't get Allah's n our prophet's(PBUH) love either, am i rite?
even to get Allah's love we must do whatever He say to us, then we practice it in our syahadah,prayer, our fasting, our zakat n haji n yet how much effort we give Allah then will reflect to us,HOW?? Allah will give us heaven s He had promised, happiness s well.
dats for Allah's love.

love Allah n Allah will love us by what? doing His order..
IF for human love?

its just the same thing, u must do something to get people's love. If we just said that " biarlah, jodoh tu ketentuan Allah, sspe pun bley".

that is known as " ZALIMI diri sendiri", apsal lak??
coz Allah give us chance to choose our own path(effort)(usaha), then insyaAllah through out the way in searching people's love, Allah will guide us to the best future in our life. its very logic n totally logic. Allah is very care bout His slave( people, muslim) or else for what we are staying in this world? its just to test human who obey Him n who is not.simple n logic.

BUT we must realise dat our tongkat or guidance(sherpa) for the blind must be better than the blind itself. Let say, u wanna help the blind crossing the busy road, then somehow u are also blind, so?? is it gonna make sense?? haha.. then both of us will die. we must prepare a "long", "tough" n easy to use tongkat, N also we must prepare also a man who are not blind or "rabun", MAN not children, N its better a police rite rather than normal person..

for what?? to get the blind to the other part of the road, to get him to the safe place. N thats gonna happen to our life specifically love.

so? our actions are;
  1. usaha(do the best effort) to get any love(Allah,prophet,family,wife,future wife n so on)
  2. pray very hard coz we dont know anything bout future,who does? Allah does
  3. make us a better person day by day
  4. always give n dont hope to get things

i'll give these 4 things with their Y(??) later, insyaAllah~^_^

this picture is for my family in ipoh,perak,malaysia.
it was in Alexandria, uddam( in front of) egypt bank N a couple there(eventually)haha..
i have 1 lyric for berubah..
actually this song was given by my friend-ahmed hatimi(sarawakian)^_^
jangan pernah berubah-marcell
masih ada perasaan yang tak menentu dihati,
bila ingat sarut matamu yang kurasa berbeda,
mu janganlah terjadi yang selalu kutakutkan,
beribu cara kan ku temu,
oh cintaku,kumahu tetap kamu,
yang jadi kekasihku,jangan pernah berubah,
selamanya kanku jaga diri,
seperti kapas putih dihatiku,
takkan ku buat noda,
bayangkanlah deru matamu,
bayangkan aku disisimu,
mu janganlah terjadi yg selalu ku takutkan,
beribu cara kan ku temu,
oh cintaku,kumahu tetap kamu,
yang jadi kekasihku,jangan pernah berubah,
selamanya kan ku jaga dirimu,
seperti kapas putih dihatiku,
takkan ku buat noda,
this song is dedicated to;
-my family
-my future family
-my friends

gettin' started

26th january 2009

salam, akhukum fillah meshi?^_^
ok, well, i'm not actually really know bout blog thingy but i think that its really vital 4 me to write something on or else being so dump knowing nothing bout this thing,huhu.. seems like truly desperate,haizz.

ok then, its a common sense 4 people who wanna read blog is to see others opinion,experience bout anything n its really put it into such a specific blog title.

so, why is it 'route to blessing'?
-people now tend to have their opinion n they said that
" yah, that's my opinion" regardless of being so stingy that we also tend to forget IS IT FROM U? TRULY FROM U? n is it TRUE??naahh, its just an opinion. depends on people to judge whether is it true,acceptable or not
-anything we do we MUST think that ALL things we do MUST be acceptED by ALLAH (no doubt) or else?? we'll nothing~

so, basically the aim or the motive or the mission n vision for me to start this thing is simple;
- write bout myself, my life,
- my opinion,
- wanna make it useful to others

dats it! i'm on!^_^

p/s anyway pliz help me along my start, i'm begging u..